Mercier's Hard Cider And Wine


Hardpressed Beverages are available year round at Mercier Orchards. We are currently the only apple orchard in Georgia that can say they grow, press, ferment, and bottle their own product. We sell premium product that we can proudly label as Georgia Grown. Come in, enjoy a round of tasting, and you'll be "hard pressed" not to buy a bottle or two! Don't forget to pick up some for your friends and family.






Mercier Orchards Hard Cider 

Grumpy Granny: Made from Granny Smith apples, dry cider with strong tart apple flavor.


Rock Steady Red: One of our newest hard cider additions, our Rock Steady Red is made from a blend of our own ripened strawberries and apples.


Adele's Choice: A crisp dry traditional cider, lightly tart, made from the first apple harvested. Named for our founder, Adele Mercier. 


Black Bee: Arkansas Black apples with a touch of clover honey that adds a great smooth back note.


Pearody: Made from blackberries and pears, it has a strong blackberry presence that finishes with just a hint of pear.


Lone Tree: Late season apples, semi sweet intense flavor, tart finish.


Old #3: Our original hard cider, made from Gold Rush apples. Sweet, crisp, refreshing, with a hint of apple tartness.


Just Peachy: Sweet and very peachy, made from peach juice and add sugar. Like a summer day on the back porch. 

 Mercier Orchards Wine

Fall Harvest: Dry smooth fall harvest apples.


Blackberry Winter: Semi-sweet wine with that blackberry twang.


Summer Sweet Peach: Smooth, sweet, but not too sweet, great peach flavor.





**Please note that--We cannot guarantee that all varieties will be available upon arrival. You can call us at 800-361-7731 with any inquiries.**

*All of our hard cider is gluten free.*






Here is a list of where you can find our hard cider and wine throughout Georgia: Click on the business to be directed to their website.


You can always call us at 800-361-7731 with any inquiries! Cheers!