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Apple U-Pick Weekend and Solar Eclipse Event!

Posted by Magie Mayer on 17th Aug 2017

Today in the market we have--Ginger Gold, Detroit Red, Gala & Golden Supreme apples. And as for peaches, we have Victoria & Big Red! Come and see us, we have plenty to choose from today. :)

AND our first apple u-pick of the season will commence this weekend! 

Also, weather and availability permitting will continue into Monday, August 21st, which is the day of the big Solar Eclipse event. We plan on having free tractor tours for the Eclipse event that will take you up to our pavilion to view the amazing event! Peaches will also be available in market and for u-pick over the weekend or as long as availability holds up on them. 

Please do give us a call if you have any questions about any of these events. 


We sure hope to see you there! 

***Please note that like most other places, we are sold out of the Eclipse glasses!***