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 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is u-pick available?

A: When u-pick is in season, we offer u-pick on weekends only, Saturday and Sunday from 10-      4. Weather and availability permitting. Our u-pick season typically starts in May and will continue until the end of September. 


Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 6 pm. 


Q: Are you closed any days throughout the year?

A: We are closed 4 days out of the year--Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day. 


Q: Are pets allowed on the farm?

A: We can only allow leashed service pets in the market and in the orchard. We do have a pet friendly deck with water provided.


Q: How do I schedule a school tour, or a group tour?

A: You can call and speak to our customer service at 800-361-7731, or contact our u-pick manager, Mandy McCary. email-


Q: When do you offer apple u-pick?

AApple u-pick typically starts towards the middle of August and will continue through the end of September. It is always dependent on weather, so please give us a call if you are curious about doing u-pick with us on specific dates! **Please note that we will have plenty of fresh apples in market from July to at least November! But our u-pick will end for the season at the end of September** 


Q: Do I need to bring my own container for u-pick?

A: You do not need to bring your own container. We will provide said containers. 


Q: Is there a fee for parking? 

A: No. We do not charge for parking. 


Q: What do you offer during the week? 

A: Our farm market store and everything in it is open all week. Follow us on FB or check our "Events on the Farm" for any and all events that are scheduled.