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       Our Apple U-PICK is our most popular event of the year! Although Apple U-PICK is only available in select fall months, we have apples available in the store from July-December!


Check out all the apple varieties that we grow in the list below! This list is subject to availability. If you are curious as to a specific variety, give us a call!Note that not all of these varieties are available for




Ambrosia apples are a late September variety that are large and conical in shape. They have a beautiful color which comprises of a bright red layered over a cream base. This is a very sweet apple that is great for a snack!


Arkansas Black

This apple, originating out of Benton County Arkansas, dates back to the late 1800's. When allowed to fully ripen, its deep red color become so dark that it almost turns black. This mid October apple is hard when picked, but softens in storage. This apple has a distinct flavor all its own.


Beni Shogun

 Also known as a September Wonder, the Beni Shogun is an earlier version of the Fuji apple. Beni Shogun ripens in mid September and offers a very sweet and lightly crisp apple. They are yellow in color.



The Blondee apple is very similar the Gala variety and comes in around the same time.  It is great for eating fresh off the tree and it has a smooth finish and crunchy texture.



Exceedingly crisp and juicy, the Braeburn is a first class dessert apple. It is refreshing and sweet, but not overly so. The Braeburn ripens in mid season. 



The Cameo apple is a chance seeding from the west that ripens in late September. The Cameo is the new and improved Red Delicious! This apple has a great sweet flavor and is very firm.



Also known as a Pinata, this late September early October apple offers a slightly sweet crisp flavor. The apple is a large with red coloring over a yellow background.


Crimson Crisp

Harvested in mid September, the Crimson Crisp has a smart, snappy flavor that keeps very well in cold storage.


Dandee Red

This summer apple comes very early around June. It gets fully red and has a pleasantly crisp tart taste.


Detroit Red

This is a summertime favorite. Coming in late July or early August, the Detroit Red is best for sauces and baking.



 The Empire is a northern variety that arrives near the end of September. This apple develops a dark red coloring and a deep flavor that only gets better with age. It's flavor closely resembles that of a Macintosh.



 The Fuji is one of the sweetest apples available! This mid October apple is a favorite among many because of its sweet flavor and renowned crunch.



 A mid August favorite! The Gala is one of the sweetest of the early varieties of apples! It is a very sweet, mid sized apple that is great out of the refrigerator.


Ginger Gold

 The Ginger Gold is one of the first dual use apples to be harvested. This apple comes in mid July. It is a large yellow-green apple that is great for cooking and eating raw!


Golden Delicious

The partner to the Red Delicious, the Golden Delicious is also a mid to late September. Unlike the Red, however, the Golden is just as good an eater as it is a cooker.


Gold Rush

 Best known for its remarkable keeping qualities (10-11 months). This apple as a sweet and crisp flavor.


Golden Supreme

 This apple is an offspring of the Golden Delicious but comes into its own a little earlier! This variety is is a larger apple that, if left to ripen fully, becomes extremely sweet.


Granny Smith

 Known for making some of the best apple pies, the Granny Smith has a beautiful dark green color with small white flecks. The Granny's tartness goes well with a slice of dry cheese. Look for the Granny Smith in early October.



 Another of our antique varieties that comes in early October. It has a full and deep red coloring that comes with a pleasant tang. Great for cooking.



A new variety out of Minnesota that is harvested about mid to late August, the Honeycrisp is a large, yellow and red apple with a great sweetness and just a hint of tart.



An all around favorite, the Jonagold is the best of both worlds. It has the sweetness of a Golden Delicious and the tartness of a Jonathon. Whatever you can do with an apple, you can do with a Jonagold. The Jonagold is harvested in September.



This apple is a late September to early October variety. It looks similar to a Red Delicious in coloring but is smaller in size. The Jonathon is prized for its tangy flavor. Great for cooking or adding some snap to your cider!


June Apple

A little apple with a big impact. The June Apple comes in early June. It is known for making famous June Apple Jelly.



This is another old time apple ripening around June, very early in the season. This green apple is very sour, but makes wonderful pies and apple sauce.



A favorite among Northerners, this old time apple has been around for generations because it can be used in so many different ways. It is a darker red apple, squat in shape, with an excellent sweet but tart flavor.



This very large apple is a Golden Delicious cross. The Mutzu takes the Golden to the next level! It is a very sweet apple that keeps well in storage. The Mutzu is harvested in late September.


Paula Red

The Paula Red is a summer apple that is green with a slight band of dark red. Coming in July, this apple has a sharp flavor and is good for pies and sauces.


Pink Lady

This is an outstanding newer variety and a favorite among many. This is the last apple to be harvested and can sometimes come in as late as November. This is a very firm sweet, but tart apple. Good to eat and good to cook.


Red Delicious

This is an old standard! This apple, harvested in mid to late September, is found all over the world. The Red Delicious is a proven favorite.


Rome Beauty

This apple has been around for over 100 years. The Rome has many different strains and is a late September apple that is used in many recipes. It is a large, fully dark red apple.



This is the sister of the Mutzu, but ripens in about two weeks earlier. It has the same great flavor and is a little more yellow.



This old apple variety originates in New Zealand. This is a large apple colored red with a yellow background and has a tendancy to rust. This crisp and sweet apple is harvested around mid October.



This old time favorite is known very well in the East. The Staymen comes in around mid October. It is smart, tangy, and cooks up nice and smooth. It is also great for eating.



Another apple of the Golden Delicious strain. The Suncrisp gets ripe in early October. It is yellow with some red blush. It has a sweet and slightly tangy flavor that gets better with age.



This apple hints at the old Winesap apple with its sharp flavor and hint of sweetness. This crunchy apple comes in October.



This late October variety is a favorite in the mountains. The apple is small but has outstanding flavor that stands on its own.



This apple come in around mid October and great for cooking pies.



One of a few summer apples grown here, the Zestar comes in around late July. It is a large green apple with a blush of red. The flavor is crisp with a slight 'zing'.